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Business ID

I'm new to EE and wanting to take the steps to working with distributors and suppliers to start my online selling business on Amazon. Is a business license/ID required to work with the suppliers/distributors or can I start without a business name, just use my own personal name and Social Security #? 



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yes i do have this question as well 

You can start with just your personal name and SS# using the retail or online arbitrage models.  That's how I started.  But, to use the wholesale model, most wholesalers will want to see a Tax Exempt certificate.

how to get the tax exempt certificate

I just joined ecommelite and I am at a loss. What are the expectations regarding support in choosing viable products to sell on Amazon and in the program in general?

Once I signed on the EComm Elite ... I had family problems crop up that had to be dealt with. So, I am late in starting and wonder if anyone would be willing to share a fast track process. It has been long enough that I have forgotten what was included in the program and the steps I need to take. I apologize for this mis-step ... but I am ready and willing to move forward. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.
Some thing simple happened to me. So I am also starting after a break of almost Two months. I would first start listing and wanting the modules and take notes it may take you 4-5 days depending on the time you can spend. Mean while select your business name . Register it in state and with the IRS. So you have all the necessary # like Ein. Once you get this start researching the wholesaler and register your self with them so that you can get their inventory list with price. This all may take a couple of days . Meanwhile the modules will teach you what to do with lists. Also enroll in the face book group, open a business bank account once you register your business and get the tax ID as you will need this to open your business account. Right now I am at this level and waiting for the product lists. Also open a sellers Amazon account. After your have your business register and have bank account and taxID. I would also need guidance after this point. Also open a fresh email account just for your business and link the bank account the Amazon account and all the wholesalers you will contact with this new account. Also register a domain name for your business for future when you might have a web site for your business. I also applied for the online fax as a lot of wholesalers were asking for fax #. Some were also asking face book account or twitter account but I am not there yet. Good luck. Farhat

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Thank you soooo much for the info. I am the type of person that needs step-by-step instruction. I will follow you lead as much as possible ... would it be okay to contact you again in the future if I have a question?



Sure will share what ever I can. Good luck
Any recommendations where to buy domain...GoDaddy, BlueHost, Zohar, G Suite, etc?
I meant Zoho

I've always gone through GoDaddy, but haven't checked the prices to compare recently.

Is it also possible to use an existing EIN in lieu of setting up a new one for the reselling biz? 

Yes you can use an existing EIN, caution if any IRS leins or back taxes on existing EIN, Its cheap to open a  new one tho. My opinion just

how to get the tax exempt certificate, As I live in the UK   how do I register with wholesalers ?

I am retired so no tax ID

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