UPDATED ON October 10th, 2019 

This is our current, most up to date list of our prep fees, guidelines, and services we offer. If you do not see the service you are looking for, please submit a ticket to support@ecommelite.com before sending any product in to the warehouse. Please read through the entire page to confirm if anything affecting you may have changed.

We must be notified of each and every shipment sent to our warehouse before it arrives! We are instituting a zero tolerance policy on our lenience with this. A $50 fee will be automatically added to your prep bill if your shipment shows up to our warehouse without proper prior notification. Please submit a ticket with a copy of your invoice or a list of the products coming with quantities as soon as you are able to. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. If you become a habitual offender, we will not be able to accept future shipments from you. This decision will be made on a case by case basis. 

Any orders that are processed to ship to an FBA account where prior approval to sell that item has not been approved (no listing is able to be created), a $25 penalty must be enforced. Unfortunately this also means that we cannot hold products awaiting approval and we will request a shipping address to send the product to if the situation arises. 

Each product entering our warehouse has a base inspection/prepping fee of $0.45 which includes the sorting and receiving of your shipment, the application of 1 FNSKU sticker and a visual inspection of the product box. Every additional action required will incur additional fees which are listed below. This $0.45 per product fee stands whether or not your products will need FNSKUs or not.

Standard Pricing

$0.15 per insert (all inserts must be sent to us in ready to use condition)

$3.00 for each outbound box shipped and labelled with your Amazon prepaid shipping label

$0.15 per additional action. An action would be defined as bagging an item, sealing a polybag, taping an item closed, applying a label such as suffocation or “do not separate”, etc.

$10 each per photo requested

$0.50 per box assembled which is supplied by you

$25 fee if your shipment must be re-packed due to a shipment change from you

$5 per listing to convert from FBM to FBA when creating shipping plan

$10 per listing created (It is 100% expected that every item sent to our warehouse has listing created prior to being shipped to us. If we run across a situation where a product is not listed, we will create the listing for you in order to process your products in a timely manner but please do not make a habit of it.)

Forwarding Services

Any box arriving to our warehouse that only requires a visual inspection of outer shipping box and the placement of a pre-paid Amazon shipping label will be categorized as forwarding only.

1-10 boxes: $8 each

11-49 boxes: $6 each

50+ boxes: $5 each

Amazon Returns

We are currently NOT accepting Amazon returns which need product inspection due to customer returns. We are accepting bulk removal orders that are in new condition that either need to be shipped to an international location or re-skued and sent to a different listing due to listing error. Any returns from Amazon will incur a $3 per inbound box charge as well as the base fees per item ($0.45/unit) and a $3 per outbound box charge plus any other applicable fees. 


Cost of Goods Supplied by Us

$0.30 per polybag if you need to use ours

$2.47 per box if we need to use a new box for outbound shipping 


Example Scenarios

Visual Inspection and FNSKU labeling which is covered by our base fee

Cost per item: $0.45

To repackage an item you’re typically looking at 3 actions: Assembling a box supplied by you, placing in box, applying a FNSKU.

Cost per item: $1.10

To create a 3 item bundle: Placing 3 items in polybag, applying a FNSKU and visual inspection (included in base item price, .45), applying “Set” label, applying suffocation label(.15), sealing polybag(.15)

Possible cost of ~$0.30 for polybag if supplied by us

Cost per bundle: $1.20

Storage Charges

The first week of storing product in our warehouse is free for product sent to us to be prepped. After that the fee is $25 per week, per pallet. This storage fee will automatically be added to your final invoice if the product is in our warehouse longer than 7 days due to delayed communication from you to create a listing, receive fnskus, shipping labels, etc. 

If you are looking to send us product that will need to be stored for longer than 1 month, you must send in a ticket to support first to confirm we have space available for storage. Currently, we are not accepting any product to our warehouse for storage purposes only. This may change in the future but we do not have space as of now.


Your credit card on file will be charged for the prep fees and you should receive an invoice from that payment. You will also receive a Paypal invoice marked as paid showing a breakdown of the payment you were charged for. If your credit card declined, is expired, or we don't have one on file, the Paypal Invoice will remain awaiting payment and payment is expected promptly. If your invoice goes more than 7 days unpaid, we will be adding on a $15 late payment fee. 

We are implementing a $10 minimum prep order charge along with a $2 admin fee on every order. This will apply to any orders which are processed on or after August 1st! If your total bill is below $10, an additional fee will be added to bring your order total to our minimum order requirement. Please note: We do attempt to combine any pending orders which have been received to avoid this at all costs.