1. Go to http://stats.ecommelite.com/settings/amazon#help-api-enter

2. Go to https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/mws/registration/register.html?appDevMWSAccountId=6784-0437-3581&applicationName=EcommElite&ie=UTF8&signInPageDisplayed=1&

3. Choose the second option, "I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS."

4. Click Next

5. Check the box that says "I understand..."

6. Click Next

7. Copy the Seller ID into the Seller ID field

8. Copy the MWS Auth Token into the MWS Auth Token field.

9. Choose the marketplace you are selling on

10. Click Save Settings

If, for whatever reason, the Application Name and Application Developer Account number are not prefilled when clicking the link, then use the following values
Application Name: EcommElite
Application Developer Account Number: 6784-0437-3581