For many of our supplier files for the WBC, the file is automatically updated on a server. The spreadsheet resides on that server. In order to obtain it, you need to do what's called a "file transfer", or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

In order to FTP, most people use an FTP program, like "Filezilla", since it's a free program. You will want to get one of the free FTP programs out there, learn how to use it, and then use the provided credentials to access the file, including the 'Host', username, and password as shown below.

Once you are connected, the files will appear in a screen on the lower right of the program. Simply right click and select 'Download' (a popup may ask if you wish to overwrite- click yes.)

Once downloaded, the file will appear in the left screen- these are files on your own computer.

Once the file appears on your computer, simply right click again and select open and the CSV will open!