In some cases, you may want to ship small quantities of several different SKUs in one shipment; this is called a 'Mixed Load'. In most cases, we will contact you when we think your order is a good fit for a mixed load- but if you want to request this specifically, be sure to include this request when you send us the FNSKUs and PO for your order. Most people choose to request a mixed load when they would like to save on box fees and combine all their products together into one shipment (although this is not guaranteed by Amazon). This differs from a case packed shipment, where all of one SKU will go in one box, and all of another SKU will go in another box, so on and so forth.

Please do not create a mixed load for any shipment without prior approval from support staff. Any orders submitted with mixed load shipment plans without approval will be subject to a $50 fee.

There are several reasons your order may NOT be a good fit for a mixed load, even though you have small quantities of several different SKUs. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

    • The products are too heavy (your shipment cannot be above 50lbs when sending to FBA!) or too large (we can only fit so many products in a box!)
    • Your shipment contains liquids (Liquids are better shipped in a box alone, to help keep the box evenly distributed with weights and product heights- thus keeping the shipment safer!)

A mixed load is not a guarantee of all of your products going in one box, however. The distribution of SKUs within a mixed load are chosen entirely by Amazon. When you create a shipment plan for a mixed load, you select the "Individuals" option instead of the "Case packed" option, as shown in this video. Once you have created this shipment in Seller Central, Amazon will provide you with a shipment plan. 

This shipment plan will let you know how many distribution centers your shipment will be going to. Amazon splits these orders up based on which of their fulfillment centers most need these products. Unfortunately, this means that Amazon may choose to send all of your products to 3 different fulfillment centers, causing us to have to box them in 3 separate boxes. If this is the case, then you will need to provide us with this shipment plan, so that we know which SKUs and how many of each are going to which location. 

For example, say you have 3qty of sku ABC123, 2qty of sku XYZ456, and 10qty of sku LMN789. Amazon may split these items into the following shipments:
    • 2 of LMN789, 1 of ABC123, and 2 of XYZ456 to Fulfillment Center 1
    • 8 of LMN789 and 2 of ABC123 to Fulfillment Center 2
We need a screenshot (or downloadable .txt file) of the plan that Amazon provides for these items so that we can put all the right quantities in the correct boxes.

Once we get your shipment plan, we will pack accordingly, and then you can complete your shipment within Seller Central, getting us box labels so that we can get your products on their way to FBA!