Seller Central actually provides a helpful section of courses on how to go through the process of creating a shipment plan and creating FNSKU labels, which can be found here:

Creating a Shipment:

Printing your FNSKUS:

The process of creating your FNSKUS is included in the above videos for creating a shipment plan- however when printing these off, you can pause the shipment plan at this stage. Once they are saved as a PDF and emailed to us, we will continue prepping your order, and when it is complete, we will provide you with the necessary box specifications to COMPLETE the same shipment plan. 

You will need to choose "Merchant" under the 'Who Preps' and 'Who Labels' sections, found at 02:10 in Part 1 of the above videos, selecting the 30-up labels option, saving as PDF, and then sending them on over to us at We need one FNSKU label per product we are labeling, so be sure you include the correct quantity for each product!