UPDATE February 26, 2016 - 

Hey Guys! Quick update for the WBC - as you know we started out with a shipping policy of $9.95 for orders up to $175.00 and free shipping for orders over $175.00. Originally we said we would allow orders to be shipped to other addresses and see how that goes and shape future policy based on the activity we saw.

Well, we're seeing members buying 50 pound bags of dog food and asking that we ship it to their homes, etc. The WBC is a commercial B2B venture, not a consumer discount club, so we're instituting a new policy, effective immediately, that orders placed through the WBC, with a shipping address other than our warehouse, will be treated as needed prep services to the final destination.

For example, let's say you still really want to order two or three 50 pound bags of dog food and have that sent to your home. Assuming the order is less than $175, you'll pay $9.99 to have it shipped to our warehouse. We will then contact you with an estimate of charges to get that dog food to your home, just as we would if we were sending it into FBA for you.

Please realize that shipping 150 pounds of dog food to your home will not be with incredibly low Amazon FBA inbound UPS rates, it'll be the normal shipping and handling charges you would expect.

This same policy applies to anyone who is preparing their own shipments to FBA from their home or business. If you are in the US, you really should approach these suppliers on your own and setup accounts with them. If you want the convenience of using the WBC, then please factor in the cost of FBA prep through our warehouse, or the cost of shipping to your US location, when ordering.

I also want to congratulate all the people sending us their success stories and praise for our FBA prep team. Those people work really hard here and we even allow bathroom breaks for some of them. Hundreds of orders have been successfully processed and we all think that's awesome!

Any questions on this, please file a support ticket. THANKS!!