Once you are logged into Wholesale Inspector, you can click on the settings and you will be taken to a screen that has several fields, such as "Prep Fees" and "Inbound Shipping Fee".  By entering your estimated numbers, Wholesale Inspector will return more accurate results.

So, what do you need to take into consideration to estimate these fees?

Prep fees can be an average of the per unit cost of prepping an item.  A good estimate is $1.00. Depending on who you have prepping for you, this could be a little high, or a little low, which makes it a good estimate.

Inbound shipping fees is much more subjective, because it's based on the TOTAL weight of your inbound shipment, whether that's a single unit, or many, many units.

Inbound shipping fees are what Amazon charges you when they allow you to use their negotiated small package, inbound rates.  If you are shipping into FBA less than 250 pounds for that shipment, you will generally use the small package inbound program, as opposed to creating a pallet shipment that requires a large truck.

Now, the price per pound goes down as the weight of the shipment goes up.  At a total of five pounds inbound, the per pound rate could be as high as $1.00.  If there are five units, that works out to $1.00 per unit.

If the weight gets up to fifty pounds, the per pound rate could drop to $.50 per pound, making a shipment with 50 one pound units only $.50 per unit.

So, what number should you plug into Wholesale Inspector?

You should plan for your future, not try to be profitable on every single, tiny, beginning shipment, most of which are tests in the beginning.

Therefore, we suggest using $.35 or $.50/lb for your estimates.

After you've been doing this for a hot minute, you'll have a much better idea of your average inbound shipping costs and can adjust that estimate accordingly.