As a member of the Wholesale Buying Club, you signed a contract acknowledging that orders placed cannot be canceled for any reason.

This is for many reasons.  

All of our training stresses on issue, make sure when you purchase something you are able to sell it.  That means adding the product to your Seller Central account first, and even going so far as to create a shipping plan to verify that the product can be sent to FBA.

Doing those two steps would eliminate 70% of the issues presented to our support desk by members purchasing items them cannot sell.

The other issue is multi-packs.  

Members will purchase single units thinking they are multi-packed to meet the requirements of an ASIN they have been researching.  This is the second biggest reason for support tickets.

Therefore, please make sure if the product is being sold in multiple quantities on Amazon that you are purchasing the correct quantities if bundling is required, or that they are actually manufactured and already packed in the quantities advertised.

If you accidentally purchased something that you all of a sudden realized you cannot sell.  The only options are to pay to have that product shipped to you, or we can dispose of the product once it gets to the warehouse (dumpster or otherwise).

If our support team contacts you about about a product that we have received into the warehouse, but are unable to send to your FBA account, and we do not hear back from you within 48 hours, we will dispose of the product, because we do not have the room to store products, and history has proven most members do not want to pay for storing something they can't sell, so disposal is usually what happens most times.

If you are working with your own suppliers directly, you will realize their policies are just as strict.  The ones that do allow returns have restocking fees of up to 50%.  Distributors do not like returns, and will, in fact, terminate buying relationships with customers that return too many purchases.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with this policy.